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Friday, December 6, 2013

36/365 Snowflake

I was sitting in front of the window showing Baby A the snow and saw this snowflake.  I ran to grab my camera, with my 50mm lens, and snapped this photo.  Then, I went to swap lenses to my kit zoom to get a closer shot, but it had blown away by the time I got my zoom on.

ISO 400

And cropped for close-up detail, just for fun...


  1. Yeah!! You did a great job:)) I love it! I'm so happy that you are trying to photograph something else, because I think you have that thing in you, you know...you can see those little details or things that are so important to make your photos special...now I'm babbling:)

    1. Thanks, Moyca, what a compliment! I really want a strong story-telling aspect to my photos and try to look for that in all my shots (at least that's the overall goal, while it's not always the case in every photo I take/post). My ultimate goal is to be able to capture my children's childhoods really well...the special and the everyday and all the range of emotions, expressions, and little details I want to remember at each stage so I do mainly take photos of my boys. Also, this blog helps me share these things with our family who are out of town. Neither of my siblings have met even Baby A yet. And Baby A is still so little right now (still 3 naps/day) and my hubs works kinda crazy hours, so it's hard to get out and about to take pictures outside the house most of the time, but I am looking forward to this spring and summer to do that more and get some inspiration from nature.

      In the back of my mind, I also think I may want to do this as a business some day when the boys are older, so I am serious about the technical and I want to be good for that reason as well. I think I'm babbling now... but that is sorta where I am trying to go with my photography and this blog.

    2. You are not babbling at all! I totally understand everything you wrote! We all have some favorite things to photograph and of course we all love to photograph our kids. I talked to my husband last month and he said that he wouldn't feel comfortable to post our son's photos...that put me in a kind of difficult position:) I have to be extra creative:)) Sometimes I don't know what to photograph...it's so hard to get out from the comfort zone but it's also great because you learn more. That's why I like it when you post something else too:) I'm also looking forward to this spring and summer...winters are so boring and empty (at least for me)...I've decided to give myself some challenges from time to time. Low key for example...maybe you could try this one too since you can't go out so much because of the baby...I think low key portraits are beautiful!:)
      Here is the link of the tutorial if you are interested:) http://www.lightstalking.com/low-key-photography

  2. Oh my this is INCREDIBLE. While I love the bokeh in the top shot, this detailed look at the snowflake is just fabulous. When I saw this photo, I thought of a tutorial I saw last week on how to edit a snowflake photo. (NOT that this needs any editing, I just thought you might be interested in seeing it!!) Here is the link!!