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Friday, November 1, 2013

Day 1/365 Baby A.

First official day of "Project 365."  This is my 5 month old, baby A.

Since I just got my dslr in October, a Canon T3i, (Ok, technically I received it from my hubby for my birthday at the end of September but it took me a few weeks of research to see if this was the model I wanted, and then about another week to get past the intimidation of opening the box and, thus, making the purchase final), I have not even begun to dive into photo editing or post processing, really.  I want to work on getting things as good as possible "in camera" first.  But, eventually, maybe toward the end of this 365, I do want to look into editing more.  Right now I am importing my photos into Windows Photo Gallery to organize and crop and I may adjust exposure and color for white balance, if necessary but I am just using some of their very basic options for this.  No layers for this girl yet.

So, that being said, this is an example of why I do want to start more extensive editing sometime during my  365:  the lamp coming out of the left side of baby A's head.  In fact, I have several pretty cute shots and all but one have the lamp sprouting from the top of his head, but I think this one would be fixable with a little cloning..if I knew how to do cloning.  Baby steps :-)

1/125 sec
ISO 200


  1. Cute picture! and baby!! I love how the baby is in the light and the background is darker.