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Monday, November 18, 2013


Baby A's enjoyment of learning to roll over last week kept him happy about 10 seconds, it seems.  Now he rolls around and is mad on his back and mad on his tummy.  He tries to get his knees under him and he is ready to go places.  I think he may not be the most patient little person and, while he's generally easy going, when he is mad he shows a bit of a temper.

Today's photo is black and white, again.  Did I mention I love black and white?  I should have bumped my ISO to 800, though.

ISO 400


  1. oh sweet baby! My baby is about at the same stage too! I love the black and white conversion.

  2. Oh my this is fabulous, getting that expression caught on camera will be priceless!! The black and white looks great, too!