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Sunday, November 10, 2013

10/365 Playing with light

Today I was working on a photo book and discovered my photos have been uploading at 72 dpi, not 300.  After some googling, I ended up really confused but convinced that I need to convert my photos to 300 dpi.  I have been using Windows Live Photo Gallery for my editing, and converting to 300dpi does not appear to be possible with this program.  I also have Corel Paint Shop Pro, which came on our computer, and figured out how to do it in that program but then lost my shooting settings (f stop etc).  At least I hadn't deleted this image after importing it like usual so I got it off my card in camera.

I have been back and forth about the Corel software.  I realize it will probably do everything Photoshop does, but I am intimidated to learn it since no one uses it and it seems so much easier to get Lightroom or Elements or something that has a ton of tutorials on Clickitupanotch.com and Pinterest.   Anyhow, I just got myself all confused and frustrated over the DPI thing and worried about how my photos may print.  So if anyone has some insight and would like to have a discussion on this, I'm game!  Also, I would welcome any opinions on editing software.

So, after all that I still didn't havea photo for today, and I snapped this quick photo in the backyard just before the sun went down.  My focus and composition are lacking big time, but I was mainly concentrating on the lighting (and getting a photo in for today ;-)

f 2.2
1/100 sec
ISO 100


  1. Pretty, pretty lighting!! And look at that great lens flare!!! (I love lens flares!!)
    Editing software--I'm a huge Elements fan. It does about 90% of what full Photoshop does but costs a fraction of the price of PS. I think Lightroom looks intriguing, too, though, and I don't think it is super expensive, either. I've been working on learning Elements for a while now, and I know I can only focus on one program at a time, so I'm sticking with what I somewhat know. If you decided to go with Elements, I can send you the link of some very good, VERY affordable online classes I have taken that have helped me out a ton!!!

  2. 1. If you are uploading photos on web they should be 72 dpi. For printig 300 dpi.
    2. I'm using Lightroom for editing. It's easy to handle since it's made specifically for editing photos. In old days photographers have used darkroom now it's Lightroom... Elements is also good and so is Photoshop but PS is more for graphic designers.

    Ilike the ligting on this photo...I need to practice that too:)