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Thursday, November 14, 2013


I am trying to figure out in the second photo how much haze is too much.  I'm thinking I should have moved to the right of D a little so his head would have blocked a little more of the sun and so the side of his head wouldn't have been blown out (although I was already laying as close to the sand box as I could since it's under his playset...so it wasn't really possible to move more right, but if it had been possible it would have made a better shot)  I also guess I could have cropped out the blown out part, but I already have an awkward limb shot at his wrist...oops.

f 2.8
ISO 100

ISO 100

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  1. Both photos are taken at great angles and I don' t know, I'm a sucker for haze & sun flares, so I really like them!!