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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

6/365 Spaceship

With the time change Sunday it seems if I don't get my picture taken by 4:00 it gets pretty difficult.  Today the lighting was not on my side.  It was dreary, rainy and foggy.  In November.  In Indiana.  I decided to just turn on the lights and do custom white balance, but my son insisted the room be dark as the box was his space ship and space is dark. So my ISO was cranked and I might have actually got it a tad overexposed. But, I think ISO 1600 would have been underexposed and in the program I use to do a little editing it seemed if I took it down a notch it was underexposed, so I dunno.

Which brings up a question I have.  On occasion I will see someone's post with a ISO of say, 620 or some odd number, do other cameras allow for selecting smaller increments because mine just has 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, and 6400 or was this because they were using a semi-automatic setting like AV/TV and not shooting in manual mode and the camera selected that for them?

Composition was also a little tough.  The light was so low in the room, my camera was having a hard time focusing and my son was moving too fast for manual focus (or at least for me to manually focus) so I just set my auto focus point in the center since it should be the strongest and then did the best I could to crop the image to add a little more interest than his hand in the very center.

1/80 sec
ISO 3200


  1. Hi what kind of camera are you using? I know with mine I can set my ISO in different increments. But this is cute with the little hand poking out. I honestly wouldn't worry about putting the ISO so high, as long as you can get it exposed correctly.