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Saturday, March 8, 2014

126/365 Jumperoo

ISO 3200


  1. This is so cute!! I like how the seat and the tray frame him nicely. I think if you could have been up a tiny bit higher, (although I realize this may not have been at all possible, LOL) and got a shot looking down even more, the green things that stick up--whatever those are---would have framed him in even more!! Super cute though!

    1. Missy, thanks for the cc. I completely agree! I was standing on a chair (even though you wouldn't know it from how close the photo still appears (I am pretty short). I would like to retake this by moving him in the by our stairs and getting way above him for more of an overhead shot, but this day he was not having it. He was it this while I made dinner and by the time I could take his photo, he was ready to get out.

  2. Love the vibrant colors and his catchlights. Nice shot!