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Friday, January 31, 2014

91/365 Trailing Car Lights- First Attempt

My husband figured out the tripod from his lazer level will fit my camera, so I got it out last night and tried to take a photo out the window of our lamp post.  They came out very underexposed...need to practice with the tripod and very low light.  While I was taking those photos, my neighbors pulled in their garage.  I knew they wouldn't be in the frame, but I had already pressed the shutter and they would be in the garage before my camera was done with the photo...so I move the camera and got this photo...  a bit of a hot mess, but it makes me want to play with slow shutter speeds and trailing car lights more.

ISO 100


  1. Haha...your photo stories are so funny:)) Nice photo though!! It would be fun to take some photos from the hill or bridge above the highway...

    1. Yes, I want to try...when it is warmer, that is.

  2. I've got this on my photography bucket list, too. I'd actually like to try it on a bridge over the lake, or off a dock, and get the boat lights....so many plans for shooting once this winter business finally finishes up!! :)