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Monday, January 20, 2014


This is how I found Baby A when I got him up from his afternoon nap.  In his crib, covered in blueberries...he loves them and I always feed them to him last.  He doesn't keep them down as well as the other foods he eats.  Either they don't agree with him as well, or he is eating them last and overeating.  I think it's the second.  Anyhow he spit up in his bed and rolled around in it and I had to change his bedding and all his clothes.  

I still don't know what my problem is with focus on him.  I felt 2.8 should have been fine, but I just got his closest eye sharp and the other one is still softer. Grr..I think it must have been my proximity to him...I'll just have to keep trying.

ISO 400


  1. Maria, this is such a lovely portrait:)) He is so cute:))
    I think I know where the problem is! I read this in Kelby's book...
    1.) The best focal length is between 85 - 100mm. 50mm is not good because it distorts the face...
    2.) If you want a sharp face (all of it), the best f-stop is f/11...
    Of course there are exceptions if you would like to have more blurred background, but in that case the face will never be so sharp...

    1. Hm, that is interesting. I wonder how the crop factor plays into it, though. Since I have a crop factor of 1.6 with my Canon, my 50mm is really like an 80mm. Also, I'm a little bummed at the thought of shooting a portrait at f/11...I would like a lot more bokeh than that and I would never be able to do that narrow indoors. I thought it was probably that I am standing too close to him most of the time b/c when I am further away, it's usually better, which makes sense. Also, I know a lot of the Clickin Mom pros use a 50mm 1.4 or 1.2, not that they shoot portraits at 1.4 or 1.2, but I would think 2.8 is reasonable. You have given me some ideas to research further.

    2. I know...if you have a plain background than f/11 is perfect, but when there is a lot going on in the background it's logical that you want very soft bokeh...If I had 55-250mm I would try to take some test portraits...settings would be 63mm (100mm) and f/11. Of course you have to stand a little further from the subject...
      Yes, I know that a lot of the Clickin Mom pros use a 50mm...I think more important than f-stop is focal length, because of the distortion of the face...look at these links...http://www.mcpactions.com/blog/2010/07/21/the-ideal-focal-length-for-portraiture-a-photographers-experiment/, http://johncarnessali.com/camera-lens-tests/4433
      Kelby says, if you want a sharp face use f/11 if more blurred background (if you are outside) use f/2,8 or f/4...

  2. I think Moyca's comments are interesting too....I wonder if that crop factor does play in with the crop sensor?? (I'm in the same boat) This is an adorable photo of Baby A though, and I'm so sorry for the little one to have slept in that, but at the same time, great memory!!