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Monday, January 13, 2014

74/365 Cooking Dinner

My goal lately is if there is not good light to practice getting out from behind the camera.  Today was super dreary...

ISO 800


  1. Cool shot! I don't think I have a single photo with me cooking..yet I do this almost every day!

  2. I like it alot! It looks very spontaneous...you look like there is no camera around:)...everyday routine:) Great!!

  3. Great every day shot, I like the black and white....and your stove looks very familiar, I think we have the same exact one!!! ;)

  4. This is really cool. Do you use a tripod? How did you set the focus for this one?

    1. Amanda, I only have a small, tabletop tripod right now, so I set it up on top of one of the kitchen cabinets. For these types of shots, I manually focus (as in turn off the autofocus on my lens and manually focus with the focusing ring on the lens). You could probably also focus in live view since the t3i LCD flips, but I find it faster to just manually focus with the lens, although I do still flip my LCD around to help compose the shot.