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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Gingerbread House (and catching up on posting)

Gingerbread house decorating with D.  We bought a kit to decorate and he was meticulous in matching the decorations to the picture on the box.  That is, until we finished the front and roof and there were no other pictures on the box for ideas for the other sides.  He quickly decided they should be un/under decorated  as he figured out this would leave more candy for him to eat.

After he tested all the candy, I asked him which was his favorite and he said "none of them...I like the icing best."  I was taking a shot of just the house and looked up to see this...mischevious grin and all...

And on a photography note, I was looking back at these photos from last year's gingerbread decorating and am super happy with the difference from last year. Same camera and lens, better light.

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