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Friday, October 31, 2014

365/365 Project Complete!! Happy Halloween & My little Firefighter

Whew!  I made it.  It wasn't alway pretty, but my 365 is complete!  Although, I am not going for another round, I will continue to keep up this blog and post....more on that in another post.  I am working on my photography goals for next year, reflecting on what I've learned over this 365 project, and am working on what this blog will be like in the future...I will be posting on that later this week.

To the other ladies in the 365 project who have finished...Congratulations!  I am so glad to know you will continue to be keeping your blogs and keeping in touch!

Happy Halloween!  I am so glad I got a few photos of Baby A yesterday.  Although it didn't rain, Halloween was pretty nasty out... cold with a brutal wind.  Brutal.  I am also now thankful for that crazy hood on Baby A's costume...cause he needed it!  We took Firefighter D to Dave's firehouse for some photos.  I mean, what 5 year old boy doesn't want his picture taken (especially when dressed as a fireman) with a firetruck, right?  Mine.  I think visiting Daddy at the firehouse is so common place for us, he doesn't really realize how cool it is anymore.  He told me before we even got there he was not going to sit in the truck.  And, unfortunately, with the wind, the apparatus bay (the garage for the trucks) was closed so I didn't get a nice, wide shot of him from the front, but we did document Halloween.  It happened and he was a firefighter this year.

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  1. Congratulations Maria! It was a pleasure watching your photography journey this past year! You have a great talent! Hope we can stay in touch!