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Thursday, September 18, 2014

322/365 Clean(ish) Windows

D has a toy he wants and in the past our response has been that we would add them to his birthday/Christmas list, but he has decided he doesn't want to wait until Christmas.  So, he raided his bank, which had some money from when it was given to him by my husband's aunt.  He has done this on a few occasions and is now short the amount he needs for the really cool robot fish toy at Target.  He's about $2 short.  So, I offered that he could do some chores to earn the money.

I have had to think this through a little as I feel it's important for him to have regular duties that he does not receive anything for, as he is a part of our household and needs to contribute as such.  So, I didn't want to pay him for things like putting his shoes in the closet when we get home, putting his dirty clothes in the hamper, picking up toys (or anything/mess he helped make, for that matter)as I feel he should just do these. Period.  Also, I would prefer if these extra chores be something he can do independently and effectively, for the most part.  I started by handing him a package of wet wipes and had him wipe off the baseboards.  Then, he came up with the idea washing the windows.  This was borderline on the effectively/independently part, but he was excited to do it.  He still has several more chores to reach his $2 and I have thought of dusting, taking out the trash from the bathrooms and smaller trashcans, and wiping off the bathroom counters/sinks...but, if anyone has some additional tasks please share!

So, here's my washing the windows series... kind of a big share for today, but these came out much like I envisioned when I picked up my camera (which doesn't happen that often that I get an idea for a photo and am able to execute the way I envisioned) and I was happy with how they captured the moment.

And, since this is a huge post already, some sneaky baby photos for good measure.  Don't let this face fool you.  This is the "I am so cute and sweet and I am giving you my best innocent eyes so you won't even notice when I do something naughty 2 seconds from now" face.

Yes, that is an outlet.  He will say "uh, uh"... as he touches it.  Toddlerhood.  And it begins.


  1. Those window washing ones are FANTASTIC! Seriously, so great! I also think its really great you're making him to do chores to earn his toy, go Mama! Great life lesson!

  2. Love this share, I love how you used focus in the window shots. We have the same philosophy about chores here. And it tickles me that tiny guy says Uh Uh AS he touches it, lol!!!