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Saturday, February 15, 2014

106/365 Discovering the stairs

ISO 1600


  1. What a great photo, I love, love the look of anticipation on that face!! This photo looks really sharp, and really glossy, almost like I'm looking at a physical photo!! (Did you use a preset in Lightroom to get this or was it just your lighting??)

    1. Thanks, Missy. I did use a "punch" preset on this, but all that does is increase vibrance and clarity. I think the glossy look you're seeing may have come from where I increased the luminance to reduce noise since this was ISO 1600. It sorta gives it a little more glossy/creamy look, I think. Also, the other thing it could be is I did pull up on the left edge of the tone curve (not adding a point to the curve but just raising the existing point ...I think this may be called "crushing" or "clipping' blacks, I'm not sure if that is correct, though or which one it is).

  2. This is really a wonderful moment...babies are so funny when they discover new (old) things:))

  3. What a great capture! Looks like trouble is ahead.