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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Photo Project 365

After several years of complaining about the limitations of our little pocket point-and-shoot, my husband gave me a dslr recently for my birthday.  Thinking that now I can do everything I've been missing, changing my focus point so I don't have to have it in the center of the frame, getting great background blur in my photos, and having a camera heavy enough I might actually be able to keep it in focus, I am now realizing it's gonna take a lot of practice.

In attempts to learn to use my new "fancy" camera I am doing a "project 365."  My goal is to take at least one picture every day for a year.  While this seems daunting I am embarking on this with the hopes that:

1) I will become a better photographer (seems wierd to say photographer...maybe more like a mom who actually knows what to do with her mega-huge camera and doesn't have to fiddle with it like it just landed here from mars in order to take a picture.)

2) I will be able capture my children and document a whole year and the everyday "ins" and "outs,"the details, and tell the story of my children's lives and childhoods, not just "say cheese" holiday and vacation snapshots. This was, after all, the reason I wanted said camera, of course.

3) I will be able to look back at the end of the year and see both the growth in my kiddos and, hopefully, in my photo taking skills.

4)  I will be able to share our year with the several members of our family we see far too infrequently.

5) I will be able to share my photos with others doing a project 365 so I can learn from and encourage others along the way.

Ack!  Here we go....

Canon 50 mm 1.8/
ISO 100

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